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November 14, 2009 by ama02
I had been using a Samsung SyncMaster 213T with my older Vista (32-bit) desktop and nVidia GeForce 7600 graphics card (DVI port) with no problems. So my old system (mobo) decided to finally die, and I got a new desktop system and a new Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM widescreen to go with. The desktop is from Dell, running i7-920 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and nVidia GTX 260, which has two DVI ports. 

I hooked up the 24" monitor as the primary and the 21" as the secondary. After instal...
March 12, 2007 by ama02
I have been using Sygate SPF Pro for 5+ years. Since Symantec bought them out last year, and pretty much killed it, I am looking for a new firewall. Free or not, I'd like something as stable and easy to use as Sygate was. I would appreciate any recommendations, oh and (obviously) Symantec products are not an option. Thanks!
August 10, 2005 by ama02
More info, and pre-order (upgrade) can be found here Link
June 17, 2005 by ama02
There is an old WB skin that I love dearly, however, it's a bit antiquated (circa 2002). Is it possible to update it in Skin Studio, to conform to current WB versions? If so, how can this be done? Would I need to create new/additional graphics (because I doubt that I can)? Obviously, it would only be for my own personal use. I have already contacted the artist and requested (begged) for an update, but that was a long time ago, and so far nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.
April 13, 2005 by ama02
For several weeks now, whenever I turn on my PC, it freezes up during the boot process. Not always at the exact same spot welcome screen, black screen, or just as my desktop starts to load. I'm forced to do a hard shutdown...then it usually boots up okay after that. It only happens on a cold boot (after it's been off for a while). I've had a couple of different techie folks test it...first one had it freeze up just trying to get into BIOS settings, he eventually replaced the proce...
March 6, 2005 by ama02
I'm curious what the difference is bewteen the CursorXP trial version and paid version. Is the trial version time-limited or feature-limited? Thanks
February 20, 2003 by ama02
A brief mention of Object Desktop (and WC) in the latest issue of PC World Magazine's "20 Things You Didn't Know Your PC Could Do", part of their 20th Anniversary issue.